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GAP Assessments, Pre-Audit Assessments & Inspections

Paperwork is part of life, and is becoming even more important in every type of business. From simple forms, to complex manuals, I've got you covered.

Services & Documents

$500 per/hr with a 2hr minimum 

GAP Assessments, Internal Audits, Inspections and 2nd Party Audits can be conducted to a number of standards including but not limited to GFSI schemes, FDA/USDA/EU, kosher, organic, OSHA, ADA, APA, internal policies, etc. Two hours minimum is necessary to conduct these activities. A follow-up meeting will be required (follow-up is at no additional cost unless it exceeds 1 hour).

Procedures, Policies & Forms

English and/or Spanish

Your specific needs will change the cost

Depending on what you need, and what you have already, the cost will change. Some companies need a lot, some only need a little, it really depends on what you have to work with and how long I think it will take. Let's talk about it and see what we're working with and towards. 

Trainings & Activities

English and/or Spanish

Depending on training type, cost can change

I can train on anything, OJT, compliance and refresher trainings, team building, internal auditing training, writing training programs, and more. Training is necessary to ensure employees not only understand, but are confident in themselves and their work, but it doesn't have to be horrible, training is more effective when it's fun and engaging. Food Safety Trainings, English only - $700, English/Spanish - $950 (for the entire day), other training types negotiable cost.

Specific Documents

English and/or Spanish

Safety Data Sheets, Technical Data Sheets, FSMA Food Safety Plans, Food Defense/Food Fraud Mitigation Plans and Risk Assessments, etc.

These types of documents are tedious, time-consuming and involve a lot of certifications, resources and reference points. No one likes to make these, not even me, however, I am happy to make these with a minimum of a 2-3 week turn around for a starting price of $500 that will increase marginally depending on what info can/can't be provided to me, shorter turn-around itme and other aspects of the specific request. 

Filings & Credentialling

Contract Work

Contracting saves you money

Everyone likes a "sure thing", that feeling of security you get from knowing what's to come. I prefer contracts, it helps me to prioritize my clients and their needs, invoice less, and overall save us both time and trouble. With a contract, I don't charge per document, for trainings (the first one's free), and more. 

Different types of filing and credentials

I'm happy to assist in, or file on your business' behalf with local, state, or federal agencies, insurance companies, insurance boards, business insurance companies, shelf-life/analytical filings with process authorities and pretty much anything that has documentation, confusing e-forms, or anything else that you've been back burnering for a while. 

*Because insurance rates are often affected by the business policies and risk level, I can also assist in activities that can lower your premiums. 

Blank templates (including the SQF 8 Auditor Checklist, FSMA Compliant Food Safety/HACCP/HARPC plans, etc) are available for some items if you would like to create your own, but don't know where to start. 


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